One Degree Blog – Observed: A Bizarre Twist On Search Engine Optimization

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As a Contributor to One Degree, who has yet to contribute, this post, Observed: A Bizarre Twist On Search Engine Optimization, by Bill Sweetman is fascinating and true.
In the past, Twist Image has been called in to help companies improve their search rankings due to another higher ranking that was either damaging or frustrating our client. It’s always a challenge to try and beat another, higher ranked, search result. No matter how easy, it’s an upstream battle and you never really know (but you hope and you get strategic) that it will work.
Bill Sweetman’s post does have more than it’s share of merit. With a simple ego-surf of “Mitch Joel” there is plenty of stuff from the early nineties and on that has little relevance and I wish would get “dropped” from Google’s rankings entirely.
With A Bizarre twist On Search Engine Optimization, I think Bill Sweetman is not only on to a new business model (or what he calls SED – Search Engine Deterioration) but a much-needed service as the online world grows. Google doesn’t know if something is a skeleton in your closet or a badge of honor. Let’s see if the Search Engine Optimization and the Search Engine Marketers can unravel their own ball of wax.