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During the IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau – full-day seminar, Social Media Marketing And Web 2.0 in Vancouver yesterday, I took my lunch break with Kate Trgovac from My Name Is Kate and now, co-owner, of One Degree. Kate has been playing in Social Media since its onset and is widely regarded as an expert in the space (side bar: we also grabbed dinner the night before the IAB Canada Social Media Marketing And Web 2.0 seminar in hopes that we could get a Geek Dinner Vancouver rolling. It never came to pass, but we recorded some killer audio that will be featured on an upcoming episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast).
During lunch I realized that One Degree – which is a multi-authored Blog dealing with Internet Marketing in Canada – offers an amazing opportunity to the Marketing community. They already have significant traffic and a community rolling, so if you’re tired of simply reading and adding comments on other people’s Blog, but don’t yet feel like owning your own Blog, why not take your thoughts and Blog them for One Degree? You know, to get your feet wetter.
Now, let me be upfront about this: I have no idea whether Kate and the One Degree team will appreciate this Blog posting because I have not asked for her permission to put this idea out there, but I have noticed that there is an opportunity here for individuals to Blog without the stress of trying to maintain their own Blog environment. Something tells me that the people over at the CMA – Canadian Marketing Association – would also love more people to post on their Canadian Marketing Blog. I’m sure the AIMS Canada – Association of Internet Marketing and Sales – Blog would also raise their hands to take on new insights from Marketers right away.
It’s a huge opportunity on many levels.
If you’re like me, once in a while you read, see or hear something in marketing that sparks a brain blast. The question becomes how can you unleash that blast and share it with the community? In hanging out with Kate, I’ve come re-realize that everyone is looking for new voices and fresh content.
So go ahead, try it. You’ve got your Google Reader, you’re commenting on some Blogs, so why not take a further plunge and create some posts. Just to see how it feels and also to validate some of your thoughts with the community.
I know I’d love to read them.


  1. Seriously, I think that the conversation is gravitating toward a more “shared” and therefore “social” dynamic such as on One Degree. Just look at the very premise of Facebook: shared space, shared conversation. Eventually, the website/blog as we know it now is going to be nothing more than an archaic reminder of neurotic control-freaks with a micro-celebrity complex (such as myself).

  2. Thanks, Mitch! As we discussed, One Degree is, in fact, looking for new contributors and new voices. We just posted our revised “Contributor Guidelines” over at One Degree.
    We’d love to have some new contributors, especially from areas of the country and areas of marketing that are under-represented. Think direct mail is in for a revival in Quebec? Write a piece about it!
    OK, I won’t get too “pitchy” here. Thanks again for your support. And anytime, Mitch, you want to send something our way, we’d love to have it!
    Oh, CT .. I completely agree. The burdens of blogging are many and really, do we all need to say the same thing over and over again? I struggle with whether or not to integrate my marketing blog into One Degree. I like your observation about micro-celebrity complex – this is something I suffer from myself. Thanks for your comment!

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