On Drones And Weaponizing Lego

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If you think wearable technology is interesting, you have to watch this.

We are spending a lot of time thinking about wearable technology like Nike+, Jawbone‘s Up and even Google Glass, but things are getting super-interesting in other areas of technology as well. Chris Anderson (the former editor of Wired Magazine and the author of the bestselling business book, The Long Tail) published his second book, Makers – The New Industrial Revolution, about one year ago before leaving the magazine to launch his company, 3DRobotics (which manufactures drones for commercial use). It’s an amazing read about where the new economy is probably headed. In fact, I’ve become so fascinated with the use of wearable technology, robotics and drones as a means to augment the future of work (instead of replace us), that I have been blogging about over it at We, Robots (it’s a tumblr!) since January of this year. Anderson was speaking at this year’s Google Zeitgeist event in Phoenix and his presentation is one to watch, if you’re at all interested in how much technology will continue to impact everything that we do.

Chris Anderson – Zeitgeist Americas 2013: