On Being Socially (And Media) Responsible

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There are going to be big questions asked of social media in the coming days and months.

Social media is at the crossroads. 
Political insurrections along with what happened before and after festered on social media.
It’s hard to even know where to point our disappointment and anger.
Whatever side you are on, there were no winners in this past week’s upheaval.

Still, we must decide the kind of technology that we want.

We must decide the kind of media that we want.
We must decide the kind of connections that we want.
We must decide the kind of freedoms that we want.
We must decide the kind of protections that we want.

We must make some big decisions about our future… and the future of media…

This, and other current topics (driven by the questions above) were discussed along with one of my personal business heroes, Rishad Tobaccowala (Author/Advisor and former executive at Publicis), Julian Zilberbrand (EVP Advanced Media, ViacomCBS) and host Bob Knorpp (always a good human) on the very excellent BeanCast Podcast (which I’ve been fortunate to be a guest on in the past). I don’t know what it is about BeanCast, Bob Knorpp and these other panelists, but there is always “something in the water” when we record these conversations that brings out a lot of stimulating ideas and insights (and some friendly disagreements too!).

Are you ready for this deep dive into the world of media and marketing? Here is: BeanCast #619 – Being Socially Responsible.

For about an hour, we discussed and debated the following topics:

Take a listen and jump into the fray

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