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For the past little while I have been grappling with Berry Bloglines – which was supposed to be an RSS reader for the Blackberry that grabs your Bloglines feeds. I kept getting a time-out or error message. A friend (thanks Marc) turned me on to Newsclip, which is a paid service that is only a couple of bucks per month.
I love Newsclip.
I love having all of my emails and my important feeds with me wherever I go. Just today, I was waiting for an order in a store and was quickly able to read a couple of posts that I had saved.
I wasn’t this happy when I first downloaded Newsclip. The site says that it can grab the feeds directly from Bloglines… this was not working for me, but I did export the data file from Bloglines and simply cut and paste the main feeds that I would want on-the-go with me into Newsclip… not exactly the optimal solution if you have hundreds of feeds, but I parsed it down to the real time-sensitive and critical ones.
It was very liberating. Having my Blackberry has relieved a ton of stress from my life. I no longer feel like I have to rush to the office or home to review emails. Now, with Newsclip, I really feel in touch with what’s happening in the content world as well.
There is tons of functionality that I would love to see integrated into future versions of Newsclip, but it’s working fine right now and having Blackberry access to Blogs, news and other goodies is very empowering.
It also got me thinking about today’s PR professional and who, if any, are really using this to monitor their clients? After living with Newsclip for the past couple of days, I can’t imagine anyone in the public relations world not having a tool like this.


  1. I had a demo of Newsclip earlier this year and really liked it. However, once I found I could just install Berry Bloglines and access my Bloglines feeds on my BlackBerry, I never considered paying for Newsclip.
    However, if there are new features, maybe I’ll take it for another test ride.

  2. As you can imagine, I’m one of those PR consultants that uses (a number of different) tools to monitor the blogosphere for my clients. Not only do I monitor what is written specifically about them but I have also seen trends come up before they start being covering in the mainstream media.

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