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I’ve been talking about it for over six months and we’re finally live. It’s been an interesting (and much needed) transformation.
Let me explain…
I started the Twist Image Blog on the Blogger platform in August of 2003. The intent was simple: I was tired of corporate Websites all saying the same thing. The kind of Websites with words human beings never understand. You know, stuff like “best of breed” or “end-to-end solution.” I thought that as a Creative Digital Marketing Agency, Twist Image could do a lot better. I have a passion for words and writing, and figured a Twist Image Blog would be the best way to look at our industry and speak in a more human voice about it. I know this is now par for the Blog course, but this was not the case in 2003.
On July 19th, 2004 I decided that Blogging was something I could connect with. I shed my pay-to-play attitude from my Journalism days (the ole’, “why would I write for free when people pay me to do this?”) and dove head first into creating content and opening up the discussion on the future of Marketing, Advertising, Communication and Public Relations in our society. Twist Image purchased a server-side Blogging platform and we never looked back. Since then, the world of Blogging and Podcasting has changed and evolved dramatically.
On May 22nd, 2006 we launched the Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast. It was (and still is) just me rambling about the Marketing space as it evolves. That too became a passion, but we kept the Podcast within the Blog until I was sure that it was something I would keep going. After sixty seven episodes and the community (and friends) we’ve built, there’s no doubt that I am dedicated to creating a show every week.
This is where we got stuck.
Was it the Mitch Joel Blog or the Twist Image Blog, and how does Six Pixels Of Separation fit in?
This is how.
When I started Blogging, most Blogs didn’t have funky names like Horse, Pig, Cow, One Degree or Pow! Right Between The Eyes! I was becoming more and more known for the saying “six pixels of separation,” and it’s a term that lends itself well to what Twist Image is all about – helping people connect in a connected world.
So, here it is – Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Blog and Podcast. It has everything from before and tons of new functionality. Now, you can look at just the Blog or hop over and see only the Podcast episodes. There’s tons of ways to share, connect and continue the conversation (which I hope you will do).
It feels good to be home.
I want to thank the whole team at Twist Image for pulling this together. It’s often said that writing is best done in isolation. I used to subscribe to that belief too. Through the power of this Blog and the Podcast, I have been able to connect to people all over the world (both in person and online) in ways I could have never imagined possible.
I hope this community continues to grow and these tools enable us all to share and collaborate much more.
So, what I’m really trying to say is…
Thank you.


  1. I’m really excited that my first comment is one to thank you all for your kind words and support.
    I’m sure there will be bugs, but we’ll get it all straight 🙂

  2. Congrats on launching the new-look Twist Image, Mitch.
    As a reader of your content via RSS, I wouldn’t normally see this if not for the mad tweets by many Twitterers. So I had to come and take a look!
    Nice work.

  3. There has been some awesome feedback via twitter which has really shifted my perspective on what you can do with a channel like that (I smell a future Blog posting).
    Mario – we’re taking a shot with Trackbacks to see if it’s manageable or not. I hope it is.
    Mark – I’m glad you grabbed the new RSS feed, but it wasn’t necessary. Our team took the precautions to get all the redirects in place and make sure everything is seamless.
    Really having fun with this new space and hopeful that it evolves, etc…

  4. Mitch:
    Two words: copyright it.
    The design, the logo, the layout style…it’s really nice and people will steal it.
    So be a good capitalist, now, and copyright it.
    Seriously congrats on a great effort.
    Best always,
    – Peter

  5. Love the new look Mitch. Congrats and welcome to a whole new level of blogging and partaking in the life streams of digital media. Great job and I look forward to more cutting edge insights from you and your team!

  6. I couldn’t be more enamored and envious of a site. This is truly incredible. Being that I read you through RSS, I hadn’t had the chance to bask in the beauty of your website. Some day, when I’m ready to spend the money and take the plunge, I’m going to beg you for your team’s help. This is a gorgeous piece of work, Mitch.
    Nice home.

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