Netflix And The Future Of Television

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Netflix has done what Blockbuster could not do. But it’s about much more than a streaming technology.

TV has become a fascinating new platform. Yup, it’s not the same old TV most new media pundits tend to trash in presentations. Netflix is a huge part of this shift, and don’t think that Twitter‘s constant attention and sidling up on TV isn’t something worth taking notice of as well. From streaming and premium services to binge-watching and on-demand services, the future of television (and how it converges across all screens and platforms) is something to pay a lot more attention to. Over at The New Yorker, veteran journalist, Ken Auletta spends a massive amount of time dissecting and thinking about communications and media in his regular column, Annals of Communications (which he has been writing since 1993). Along with that, Auletta is also known for his business books, Googled – The End of the World As We Know It, Backstory – Inside the Business of News, World War 3.0 – Microsoft and Its Enemies and many more. Recently, Auletta appeared on Charlie Rose to discuss his article, Outside The Box – Netflix And The Future of Television.

So, will the same things that happened to music, print media and more happen to television as well? Watch this to find out…