Naked Conversations By Shel Israel And Robert Scoble

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I was walking through the book store last night and was more than happy to see that Naked Conversations – How Blogs Are Changing The Way Businesses Talk With Customers by Shel Israel And Robert Scoble was on the shelves. I grabbed my copy.
I have to admit, it’s not easy for me to pick up a book on Blogs and Blogging. I’ve been doing seminars and presentations on the topic for well over a year now, and most of the new news is posted online. By the time it is fit to print… it’s usually too late.
Thankfully, Israel and Scoble knew that this would be the case and put together a really engaging business book on Blogs. I’m only about fifty pages deep into Naked Conversations but it’s all good so far.
It’s nice to read a business book written by guys who truly “get” that B.S. does not play anymore. Their conversational writing style is certainly keeping me interested.
Originally, there were three must-have books for marketers – The Cluetrain Manifesto, Purple Cow, and Life After The 30-Second Spot – now, there’s a fourth.
Go and get yourself a copy of Naked Conversations.