My Commitment To You

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Why do you do what you do? How often do you do it? What’s the point of it all?

I’m often asked many questions like this – on a daily basis. People seem confused with what my role is and what I do for a living… and what the point of this Blog is as well.

Here’s the deal…

I am President and one of four equal business partners at Twist Image. We are a full-service Digital Marketing agency. We employ close to 120 full-time professionals and have offices in both Toronto and Montreal (I live in Montreal). We started this Blog in 2003 as a place to express how we think about the changing landscape of Marketing, Advertising and Communications (to date, we have over 2300 Blog posts). The Podcast (which has the same name as this Blog) started in May of 2006 (we have 228 episodes for you to listen to). I also do speaking events (about 60 – 80 every year). Last year, we published a book, Six Pixels of Separation, through Grand Central PublishingHachette Book Group. The book was recently released in trade paperback as well. It has been published in many languages (French, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Polish, etc…). I also write a column every two weeks for the Montreal Gazette and Vancouver Sun newspapers in their business sections. I occasionally contribute to enRoute Magazine, Sparksheet and Man On The Go too. Everything I do (speaking, teaching, columns, books, etc…) is done through Twist Image (yes, this includes the money part too).

Building a business.

The majority of my time is spent on Twist Image and our clients. My main role is business development, and once the BD work turns into a client, I become a part of the team and help with both the strategy (the why and the how) along with the overall senior management of certain relationships. I am not an independent consultant or strategist. My goal is to build a valuable and healthy business by doing great work for our clients.

My commitment to you.

Six Pixels is not a shill for Twist Image (at least, it’s not a blatant one), and here is my commitment to you…

  • 6 Blog posts every week. I try to do this daily, but that sometimes doesn’t work out.
  • 1 Audio Podcast every week.
  • I try to respond to all comments and add value.
  • I write all of the content myself (and come up with the ideas for the Blog posts). Everything else related to the Blog (design, updates, functionality, etc… is a Twist Image team effort). This is the Twist Image corporate Blog.
  • No affiliate links. Any links that you see/click on are not affiliate links.
  • I’ll keep the self-promotional content to a dull roar. We all have to toot our own horns (if we don’t, who will?), but it’s not the thrust of what this is all about.
  • Honesty. I try to be honest about the content I create and my thoughts are not always 100% crystallized. This Blog/Podcast is my canvas/art. Sometimes it will make sense, sometimes it will be gibberish. It will always be my own, personal opinion. Be kind.

I’m lucky.

I love growing Twist Image. I love Blogging. I love Podcasting. I love speaking. I love writing for other publications. I love teaching. I love serving my community. I love the fact that people care enough to read, comment and then follow along in places like Twitter and Facebook. It’s very humbling. It’s very important to me, and I wanted you to know that I am committed to continually providing a consistent and relevant flow of content that is valuable to you and your business (and I could not do this without the full support of my business partners and fellow team members at Twist Image).

That is my commitment to you.


  1. J’adore cette déclaration de principe Mitch. Le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que tu n’as pas le syndrome de la page blanche! Continue ta croisade qui divertit, éduque et inspire.

  2. Keep it up Mitch. Rock on!
    Thank you for the inspiration and your tenacity.
    And if ever social media fails to deliver, don’t take it personal. It will be our fault for not being able to keep up with the hardest working man in business.

  3. Thanks Mitch – what a great concept to use in blogging and everywhere else. I’m going to use this concept with some coaching clients and with myself on a few projects.
    Thanks for your commitment to your blog. Your posts are often thought provoking and discussion worthy and sometimes they are just a lot of fun!

  4. Mitch, all the reasons you mention shine through in your posts and podcasts. It’s a strong reason I keep coming back regularly, but the most important reason is that I feel you actually listen to everyone who takes part.
    Keep up the great work. You’re inspiring.

  5. I think you said it best when commented on “work life balance” and said, this is my life… there is no distinction, I love what I do. Now that my friend is the best commitment I’ve heard.

  6. Mitch, you are one of the most honest and truthful people in the business. You always give “us” the best marketing information and do not shy away from the hard stuff. Thanks for your insight and wisdom – you are a Digital Marketing Rock Star!

  7. This is delightfully transparent and declarative. I see the commitment to your Blog through every post, and I’m sure that it’s just as evident to every reader.

  8. I love reading and listening to your art. I follow you as the marketers marketer. Your expertise, knowledge and content inspire me in my work, so thanks. Your consistency in creating is awesome.

  9. Love the part about affiliate links and self-promotional content, I feel pretty much like you, and a post like this is very appreciated to show how serious you take all this, disclosure is always a good thing.
    Ironic how just few weeks ago we found business opportunities in Montreal as well, in Italy we say maybe we’ll “go out for a coffee sometimes”, but I am not sure what the canadian equivalent of this might be πŸ˜‰

  10. I’m really flattered and humbled by the compliments and – to be honest – a little embarrassed. I did this to publicly state my commitment to the audience – community – engaged people… not to fish for compliments.

  11. I was taken aback by the wording at the beginning of the article. When you say “we” have 2300 blog posts, do your partners contribute too? I’ve been a loyal reader for a year now and thought this was all you but perhaps you could clarify.
    Your content output is mind-bending. Consistently good.
    Thanks Mitch!

  12. I create the content here, but “we” (meaning the Twist Image team) is responsible for everything else (design, updates, tweaks, etc…). I don’t code, etc… I just type (or talk). This Blog is not “mine” alone… it’s ours (the Twist Image team). The content is mine, alone.

  13. Mitch you are an inspiration and very much appreciated. Keep up the great work. I will be reaching out to your agency soon to engage in your services.
    Make it a great week!

  14. One of the very few RSS feeds that I allow enter my Outlook inbox and interrupt my normal day job. I look forward to your posts every day Mitch! Keep up the amazing work and inspiration.

  15. I just read your “My Commitment To You” as well as the as-at-the-moment, “comments” from your readers.
    Frankly, I can’t say anything else other than extend my deepest and sincerest appreciation for your assiduous commitment to your work, for the quality of information shared with us and for the elegant way you deliver your insight. Thank You.

  16. The honesty and openness of this “declaration” is further justification for my admiration of your work. I especially love the point you make when you say that this blog/podcast is your canvas/art. And that whatever the quality, it reflects who you are.
    Your art is truly a gift from the heart of an artist. Thank you for sharing your passion, knowledge and creativity with us.

  17. Most people think I’m some guy with a laptop and Skype connection at a Starbucks. Not the case! πŸ™‚ Thankfully. We currently do not have any remote employees, but we are looking at expanding as the business requires.

  18. Like many of your other readers, this is THE blog I make a point of reading. For all of the reasons you outlined.
    Don’t worry so much about 6/wk. You’ve got a great sense of what is timely and relevant – if the muse strikes only 3-4x we’re all still thankful that you’re sharing.
    Keep on rockin’.

  19. Mitch, to churn out 6 RELEVANT blogs per week deserves the kudos you have been receiving. Your blogs contain so many wow! factors and different ways of seeing things….things that are way ahead of the game/crowd.
    Keep it up…but please, write another book soon!

  20. Thank you for this. I’ve been asking myself the why question too lately after seeing Simon Sinek’s TED talk and making my way through a bout of pneumonia. Nothing like an illness forcing you to work only 2 hours a day to help you focus on the most important.
    Your commitment shines through in all you do. It’s why I have been singing your praises to all who will listen. It’s helpful to hear you articulate it.
    Any chance of making it to the Maritimes sometime soon? If you don’t have anything booked yet, maybe we should talk.

  21. Hey Mitch,
    I was asking myself this question just last week! Do you mind read as well?
    So the hard question is… What are you?
    Entrepreneur, professional blogger, speaker, agency director, author? I’m so sure that you’ve got a Mitch clone(s) or secret twin.
    Anyway, to join in on the Mitch-fest, Thanks also for staying right on top of your responses and keeping our minds in motion. I’m proud to be a part of your community.

  22. Dear Mitch, please feel free to shill as much as you want. We clearly are all getting a lot of value out of this blog and it’s always a pleasure to hear your insights. Here’s to another 2,500 posts.

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