My New Creator Coin $WRITE Is Live – Tech Tuesday In Two Minutes

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Last week I launched my own economy.

That sounds too braggadocios. This is actually a collaboration with a company called that has launched something called Creator Coins. Here’s how their website explains it:

“Creator Coins are digital currencies that represent the brands of Creators. Creator Coins are the first in the long line of customizable, Creator-branded blockchain tools on the Rally Network. Creator Coins are actual cryptocurrencies that live on Rally’s private Ethereum sidechain. Creator Coins are not mined, but rather they are minted and backed by $RLY, the Rally Network’s ERC-20 token. When a Creator Coin is minted, a certain amount of $RLY is essentially embedded within that Creator Coin. Creator Coin is a tool for Creators to provide unique intrinsic value to their fans. Rally’s design for Creator Coins focuses on maximizing liquidity from real demand, and there are a number of measures taken to provide a safe and secure environment for all users.”

Welcome to the $WRITE coin.

I’m probably one of the first writers in the world to have their own Creator Coin, so being able to name it $WRITE (I could have named it anything between 3-5 characters) is very special, and enables me to make this an economy for writers. What does that mean? Right now, maybe not so much, but I can imagine a future when I can thank readers (or people who comment or share my work) with $WRITE tokens, or how about supporting other authors with $WRITE… and there are more plans in the works. If you want to try this out, go ahead at sign-up at for your free wallet, send me a note with your Rally ID or username, and I’ll send you some coins (my treat).

The bigger idea…

What if – in the not-so-distant future – communities, readers, other writers, fans, patrons and customers not only gathered based on their passions and interest, but an actual economy could emerge from (or be a part of) these communities? One where we can all “tip” and “help” one another by not only spending, buying or holding $WRITE coins (and the like), but by using this currency to build the writing community, and fund new and exciting projects? In truth, everything and anything is possible. Big thanks to Jeremiah Oywang and the Rally team for making this a reality!

This is what Heather Backman and I discussed this morning over on Jack 103 FM for a couple of minutes.

What is Tech Tuesday?

If you ever find yourself wondering… What, exactly, is the point of TikTok? How can I make myself look better on a Zoom? Reddit? What’s that about? How do I help my kids be safer online? Who’s the latest creator and streamer that I should be checking out?

You are not alone.

Every Tuesday – for just a few minutes – I join Heather Backman (my old buddy from her days on CHOM FM) on the air at Jack 103 (Rogers Sports & Media) to give a quick blast about the current state of technology, media and Internet culture. We’re calling the segment Tech Tuesday (and we do it in just a few minutes).

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