Muvico – Premiere Service – A New Way To Market Going To The Movies

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How about some sushi, champagne, a couch-like seat, a more private balcony and even private washrooms when you go to the movies? Muvico – which is a large movie chain has what they call Premiere Service at a handful of their newer locations. For a couple of bucks more (not really double the price) of a movie ticket, you can call ahead and reserve you own very special evening.
Included in the package is a free pop corn, free valet car parking service (you can see my rant about this “valet parking” phenomena in an upcoming Blog posting), and what amounts to a private club experience at the movies. From a special entrance you have access to three unique dining environments – from dinner to a bar atmosphere and then an “expanded” concession stand that includes sushi, booze and more. From there you are escorted to a private balcony where the seats are more like a loveseat and waiters are available at your beck and call.
Granted, this may not be the kind of experience you need if you’re going to see Wedding Crashers, but it looks like a fun way to take on a more “adult”-type of evening – say The Constant Gardner (if that’s your funk).
What I like about this is not the elitism that it immediately radiates, but rather a whole new and immersive way to enjoy the movies (and even going to them). The only set back? I’m sure you still get your fine share of cell phone ringtones, people with Fran Dresher-like laughs and, of course, the sticky floors.
Next phase in making this experience a marketing wonder? How about those Get Smart cones of silence around your space?
Side Bar: Muvico did not just impress with their Premiere Service but their website is very interactive (although it could use a little usability and design work), allowing customers to not only purchase tickets online, but even choose and reserve specific seating. Me likes.

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  1. it’s good that the cinema offers those freebies. i had a much unlikely incident

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