Ms. Jackson's Marketing

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Sorry about my delay on this – I had other things happening (like clipping my toe nails) How dumb are we? A mistake?! What an insult. Let’s face it, take a close look (we all have the pictures) there are snaps around the whole breast area. Plus, Justin Timberlake looked anything but surprised. If that happened “by accident” anybody would have jumped on her to cover it up (especially a fine upstanding young gentleman like JT). Also, did you notice Jackson’s reaction – she was not surprised at all. Finally, and I’m not a woman so this may be a stretch, but that nipple ornament (warning XXX – plus, nice piercing Ms. Jackson, ’cause you’re nasty) hardly looks like the kind of object a women wears underneath their bra, unless something’s going to happen. Something happened. They planned it. We’re all writing about it. So, who wins in the end? JJ and JT. Good one! Otherwise, I can hardly remeber the two teams that were playing. What does that say about the power of making an impact?