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My intent is to not have this happen as often as it seems to be happening. Due to a scheduling issue, I have to move the next session of The Montreal Business Club. The September discussion is now taking place next Thursday, September 28th, 2006 at Twist Image (instead of next Wednesday). The time for the discussion remains 6:30 pm.
The September session of The Montreal Business Book Club will feature The Long Tail by Chris Anderson.
Chris Anderson is Wired Magazine‘s Editor and his book, The Long Tail, is getting amazing reviews as the concepts brought forward continue to make their way into the daily vocabulary of business people across the globe. “The Long Tail” is being heard almost as frequently as “The Tipping Point.”
I’m sorry for having to move the date by one day, but I am extremely anxious to have a lively discussion about whether or not you think Anderson’s theory of The Long Tail is right, wrong or halfway there.
Jeff Hart pointed me to this great reader review of The Long Tail from Amazon:
“When you want to eat ice cream outside your home, do you go to a store that offers only chocolate and vanilla . . . or do you go where there are many more choices? Most people will do the latter. That’s the basic point of this book. If you’re satisfied with knowing that point, you don’t need to read the book. Instead, you could settle for Mr. Anderson’s article in the October 2004 issue of Wired.
But if you are like the growing legions of people who enjoy knowing more about the quirks of micro-economics (such as those who were intrigued by The Tipping Point, Freakonomics and Fooled by Randomness), The Long Tail will provide much entertainment.”
I hope to see you on the new date: Thursday, September 28th, 2006 – 6:30 pm at Twist Image.
Please email me if you will be attending as space is limited.

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