Mobile Marketing – Are Marketers' Heads Stuck In The Sand?

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Have you been paying attention to the mobile space these past few weeks?

Things are getting stupid (in the best of ways).

To kick off the Widget waggle a little, RIM (the makers of Blackberry) launched a Facebook app for Blackberry. The Skype phone looks extra sweet. The iPhone continues to get the major credit and attention it deserves. Blackberry will soon have their new model – a Curve with wi-fi access. And, to cap it off, I watched some of the Twist Image developers play around with a mobile friendly version of this Six Pixels of Separation Blog.

Dump on even more apps – a new Opera mobile browser and the popularity of Yahoo! Go.

I used to think "we’re getting there" when it comes to mobile marketing, but watching these developments and the sheer capabilities of the iPhone, I’m now starting to feel like the highway has been paved and it’s time to start putting some cars on the road. Yes, that’s a metaphor for us, the Marketers, to start experimenting with the mobile marketing space, but – more importantly – to embrace good mobile content. To create this content for the right screen, and think about how Consumers are engaged with their mobile devices.

We need to hop along past short codes and free ringtones. These devices are quickly becoming as powerful and as fast as a laptop (give it some time). As wi-fi becomes more common on mobile devices, once again, those in online marketing, are going to see the landscape change.

I don’t know about you, but I’m taking my Marketing head out of the sand and will be spending some serious think time on the mobile space, wi-fi everywhere, mobile usability and the marketing of it all.


  1. Funny enough, the inspiration for this post came from all of that Google gPhone talk. I guess I got so caught up in writing the post that I forgot about what inspired it.
    Thanks for bringing it forward Mike.

  2. Excellent to see some real movement. And while new devices are key I think there is another major trend which requires a bit more focus. Wifi vs. 3G. The new devices take advantage of Wifi rather than mobile Internet services from carriers/operators. Once you get the operator pricing model and dodgy Internet performance of 3G out of the way – lots of other things become possible.

  3. I just finished lunch with a guy who took a photo with is blackberry and posted it to his facebook account instantly and then sent it to mine!
    too bad it couldn’t pay for lunch . . . Hmmm

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