Mistakes We Make At Work

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Episode #428 of Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

I was walking through a bookstore while awaiting a dinner meeting, and I came across a book titled, Mistakes I Made At Work. Regrets… I’ve had a few. For the record, I believe that learning comes from setbacks and mistakes. That being said, it is often very difficult for the individual to get over themselves and their mistakes on their path to success. What do you think? How do some of the most successful people get over their mistakes to get to where they really want to be? Jessica Bacal thinks a lot about these questions. She’s the director of the Wurtele Center for Work & Life at Smith College, an independent women’s college in Massachusetts with students from every state and from sixty countries around the world. The center’s programs teach leadership skills, life skills, stress reduction and reflection. Jessica is also a writer for Huffington Post and The New York Times, so she decided to speak with twenty-five influential women to get their reflections on what they learned from some of their biggest mistakes and published the book, Mistakes I Made At Work. Jessica was hesitant to do this podcast with me. It turns out that her father is also my literary agent (I had no knowledge of this until well after I had put in the request to have her as a guest on the show). She was worried that I was just doing this to help out my literary agent. She was wrong :)  Enjoy the conversation…

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