Maybelline Discovers The Beauty Of Podcasting

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I just read two interesting Blog postings. One courtesy of AdrantsMaybelline France Launches Podcast Beauty Series – and one from AdverblogThe Beauty Podcast – highlighting how Maybelline in France is leveraging Podcasting and Vlogging to deliver beauty tips.
The Maybelline tips are recorded by their in-house make-up guru, Max Delorme.
I like Maybelline and their Podcasting initiative for many reasons.
One, it is leveraging a new technology in a simple and effective way. Two, Maybelline is proving that a major CPG (consumer packaged good) company can do something less traditional and get good public relations mileage out of it as well. Three, my guess is the minute this program rolled out, Maybelline realized how easy it is to do this type of stuff, instead of being scared if using technology to make them better marketers. Four, this type of campaign is highly measurable, cost-effective and exciting.
It works for everyone. Maybelline does something cool with technology, customers get great insights that were otherwise reserved for more high-end make-up companies that can afford to have full-time staff in-store, and the employees see that Maybelline is serious about staying young, fresh and interesting.
If that’s not fashion, I don’t know what is.
You can view the results here: Maybelline – Max Delorme Podcasts.