Marketing Philosophy (It's Squiggly Too)

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This is how I think… or, rather, how I’m thinking about things today.

I’m a big fan Chris Taylor over at Actionable Books. He does some of the best and most interesting in-depth conversations with some of the business world’s biggest thinkers. I was truly flattered that he wanted to sit down with me the day after The Art of Marketing event in Toronto earlier this month. This is a forty-minute sit down where I discuss everything from careers and content to marketing strategies and a little peak into my next business book, CTRL ALT DEL. I do realize that this may be a little too self-promotional for some (feel free to skip it, I won’t be offended), but it turned out to be one of the better conversations I’ve had about marketing philosophy.

Here it is: "Squiggly Careers = Happiness" with Mitch Joel…

"Squiggly Careers = Happiness" with Mitch Joel from Goose Educational Media inc. on Vimeo.


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