Marketing Magazine Ranks Twist Image Blog In Their "If You Only Read 12 Blogs…"

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Caution: self-congratulatory posting ahead.
Marketing Magazine has been running a Blog by Mark Etting for the past little while (get it? “marketing” ;Mark Etting;), and while I wish it was not an anonymous Blogger(s), this Twist Image Blog ranked second right below our good friend, Joseph Jaffe for Jaffe Juice, in their magazine-published column: -If You Only Read 12 Blogs-“ (subscription required).
Here’s what Marketing Magazine says about our little play for text and audio:
“Want to know what’s coming up in social media? Read what Mitch Joel, president of Twist Image, has to say.”
It’s also good news for Twist Image as we’ve had our fingers in three other of the twelve selections. I’m an early contributor (though I do need to get back on this horse) for One Degree, we developed and have contributed to the Canadian Marketing Association‘s Canadian Marketing Blog, and helped Michael Seaton launch his Blog / Podcast, The Client Side.
Normally, I wouldn’t self-promote Twist Image agency accolades, but when you’re involved with four out of the twelve must-read Blogs for Marketing Magazine, a little digital high-five is certainly in order.
The other eight Blogs consisted of good friends, fellow Digerati and cunning text wizards:
Seth Godin.
Buzz Canuck.
Kate Trgovac.
Church of the Customer.
Joseph Thornley.
Jaffe Juice.
It’s an impressive list and if you check out the Blog Roll to your left you’ll note other ‘winners’ that we simply can’t live without.