Marketing Magazine Gets A Twist Image Sandwich

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This week’s edition of Marketing Magazine has a story in the front of the magazine titled, Insights On The Go – Podcasting is slow to catch on, but B-to-B could help (open to subscribers of Marketing Magazine). The article was written by Michelle Halpern and was editorialized around a recent report – 2006 Canadian Podcast Listeners Survey. Halpern heard that we were big into Podcasting with Six Pixels Of Separation, and she wanted my personal take on Podcasting and what it has been doing for us here at Twist Image.
Here’s a quote from Magazine Magazine’s article:
“Joel and several other forward-thinking executives may be on to something big with the idea of providing business insights on the run. According to a July report from KnowledgeStorm and Universal McCann, 72% of U.S. business and IT professionals have downloaded or listened to tech-themed podcasts more than once, and 23% do so frequently.”
You can grab that U.S. report here: Emerging Media Series: The Influence of Podcasts on B2B Technology Purchase Decisions.
If you made it to the end of the issue of Marketing Magazine, Twist Image got some more props. A couple of weeks back, I was also called to talk about CaseCamp – the first Marketing Unconference that took place in Montreal. This segment was in Marketing Magazine under the Street Talk column with the title, DIY Conferences. In case you’ve been living under a non-wired rock, CaseCamp Montreal is a self-organizing marketing unconference where us, as a community, gets together to share marketing case studies.
The article states that the next Montreal CaseCamp will be taking place in October. I have actually been talking to Eli Singer in Toronto (he is the dude who created the concept of CaseCamp and launched it in Toronto). It looks like CaseCamp Montreal 2 will be taking place Thursday, November 16th, 2006 at 6:00 pm. For now, the location will be here at Twist Image, but odds are it will have to be moved to a bigger venue.
It was great to see Twist Image getting recognition in Marketing Magazine twice in one issue. My hopes are that “walking the talk” is going to become a necessity for agencies going forward.