Marketing Is Dead (Again)

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Episode #339 of Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

When the Harvard Business Review posted the article, Marketing Is Dead, by Bill Lee, my heart sunk. I wrote my own, passionate, rebuttal to this ridiculous claim (you can read it right here: Marketing Is Dead). Lee’s post generated a lot of attention and over six hundred comments. I wasn’t alone in the rebuttals and, since the post went live in August of 2012, there is still conversation about the issue. I reached out to Lee, who is not just a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, but the head of the Customer Reference Forum and the author of, The Hidden Value Of Customers. He was gracious and willing to come on to the podcast to push, prod and debate the contents of his article even further. Enjoy the conversation…

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  1. Since when is a report from McKinsey the final arbiter of marketing strategy & future direction?
    Everyone loves our favorite $1,000 an hour consultants to help weak kneed CEO’s fire people under the auspices of “well the McKinsey guys thought it was a good idea”. But to base your arguments on a Gallup poll & McKinsey report seems ill advised IMO.

  2. I find his original article to be unintentionally hilarious. He seems to think marketers have not heard of this Internet thing and aren’t using content marketing to get found on the buyer’s self-guided journey. If Grandpa Simpson blogged about marketing, it would read like his post.

  3. Russ, I agree that there is a bit of unintentional humour (Like the Abe Simpson comparison). But there are still a heck of a lot of Abe Simpsons in marketing functions today, particularly higher up the tree. The world has changed a lot, and my experience is that a lot of the older marketers are still playing catchup.

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