Marketing, Communications And Technology – You Can Have It All

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Here’s the rant:
More often than not I run into two types of clients: the ones who think if you can do the tech than you can’t do the marketing, and the ones who think that if you can do the marketing than you can’t do the tech. I guess if you’re a butcher than you also can’t cook?
I’m proud (and not shy) to say that our company is flat. We have no titles, we have no individual office space and we work together as a team on multiple projects. What does that mean? We’re all in touch (heck, we all answer the phone – it’s usually a race!). We have different people with inter-skillsets working the initial strategy/concept to communications, design, technology to a final/flawless delivery.
As the Internet boom exploded people started using the term “integrated.” Truth is there’s nothing integrated about it. It’s a new medium (hence a new word, “Multimarketing“) that should be as easy to add to your agency, studio or company as a new phone line – if you “get it.”
If Twist Image can’t deliver an advertising/media buy as effectively as a fully interactive online presence that includes e-commerce, the ability to manipulate your content on-the-fly, ROI-driven marketing (database marketing, strong calls-to-action, or search engine placement) than why promote ourselves that way? How often have you sold something you can’t/don’t sell? (right, never!).
Our company descriptor is: Twist Image – Multimarketing Studio. Our tagline is “Design. Content. Technology.” We deliver on our promise. Not from an ego point-of-view but from our clients’ clients’ desires (i.e. the people who buy from you). People want an experience, to be become a raving fan and the ability to join your brand. Great usability, iterative design, killer content delivered and developed using technology to drive sales. That’s what we do. Don’t get stuck in the past. Don’t be one of the two types of clients we typically run into. “Be you,” as Mike Lipkin says, “because others are already taken.”
Needed to get that off my chest.