Lessons From The Globe And Mail And Google News Alerts

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I have my own name (“Mitch Joel”) set as a Google News Alert. In fact, whenever I get a chance to speak in front of a group, I strongly recommend leveraging the power of Google News Alerts as one tool in your online research arsenal.
This morning, I noticed a Google News Alert with my name on it. It was associated to a Globe And Mail article, Monday Morning Manager. It turns out that the writer of Monday Morning Manager, Harvey Schachter, grabbed one of my quotes from the MarketingSherpa Special Report: How to Market to Canadians Online – Advice, Data, Legal Info and Useful Hotlinks and used it as part of his article.
The lesson here is to use Google News Alerts and pay attention to them. Not just for yourself, but for your clients… and the competition.
You can view the full article here: Globe And Mail – Monday Morning Manager.
There but for the grace of Google go I…