Len Herstein On Vigilance, Complacency And Improved Performance – This Week’s Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

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Episode #808 of Six Pixels of Separation is now live and ready for you to listen to.

I first heard about Len Herstein because he was running an ever-popular live event called, Brand ManageCamp. A few years later we spoke, and he asked me to give one of the keynote presentations (virtual… because… ya know…). From there we exchanged messages from time to time and became quick friends. Len also understands the danger of complacency. He just wishes he had known earlier. Now, as the author of Be Vigilant! Strategies to Stop Complacency, Improve Performance, and Safeguard Success. Your Business and Relationships Depend on It, he’s on a mission to empower organizations and individuals to safeguard the success they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Len has a three decade history in business, marketing, and entrepreneurism. Before founding ManageCamp Inc and producing 19 annual iterations of the world-acclaimed Brand ManageCamp marketing conference, Len worked in brand marketing and innovation for Coca-Cola, The Campbell Soup Company, and Nabisco. Len is also a Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado. In this volunteer position, he works up to 850 hours a year as a State-certified peace officer on the patrol team – for free. Inspired to make a positive contribution to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Douglas County, Len works to be part of the solution of creating better relationships between police and the community. It wasn’t long before Len realized he was learning valuable lessons through his law enforcement training that could be applied directly back to his business. The most important lesson, and one of the very first he learned, was the concept that complacency kills and vigilance saves. Now Len has developed actionable strategies to help business leaders stop complacency, improve performance, and safeguard success through vigilance. Enjoy the conversation…

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