Lea Longo Brings The Music To The People… In Their Home Or Office

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If you think the music business is having a tough time, you’re right. But if you’ve got the passion, desire and commitment you can make it work. I was blown away this morning when I got an email from singer/songwriter, Lea Longo, who is promoting her latest single, Confessions, by launching the “Longo Lounge.”
Here’s the concept: if you can gather up 10 people, Lea will come and perform at your house or office. She’ll give away signed copies of her CD, Miserably Happy, as well as shooter glasses for the host of the party.
I like this idea. It’s original, it’s cool and it’s fresh. Hey, what better way to energize your staff than to have someone come to the office for a gig? I think the entertainment value for a dinner party is also a killer idea.
Ultimately, Longo is proving that you can give it away for free and still get a lot in return (including a whole new fan base). If you’re interested, check out her site here.

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