Knowledge@SMU Features Interview On PodCamp Singapore And Social Media

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I was just flipping through my Google News Alerts (yes, I was ego surfing) and was happy to see that an interview that Michael Netzley from Singapore Management University, CommunicateAsia and curator of PodCamp Singapore recorded with me was posted at Knowledge@SMU entitled: Mitch Joel On Social Media: ‘A Tectonic Shift In How We Communicate’.
Knowledge@SMA is described as:
“a new online resource that offers regularly updated business insights, information and research from a variety of sources. These include analysis of current business trends, interviews with industry leaders and Singapore Management University faculty, articles based on the most recent business research, book reviews, conference and seminar reports, links to other websites and so on.
Knowledge@SMU is easy to use. Its editorial content is divided into 14 sections covering areas of critical interest to business. Among Knowledge@SMU’s most useful features is its search engine, which allows both simple and advanced searches. The database can be searched by keywords, author names or other criteria.”
My understanding from Michael is that this content will also appear on a similar channel for people at Wharton University titled, Knowledge@Wharton in the United States.
I’m frequently asked about the quality of the M-Audio MicroTrack portable recording device that I use, and this interview (which was recorded using the M-Audio) is another great example of the studio quality results it produces.
Check out the ten minute conversation which we recorded right after the last day of PodCamp Singapore here: Knowledge@SMU – Mitch Joel On Social Media: ‘A Tectonic Shift In How We Communicate’.
I have high hopes that the faculty involved with Knowledge@SMU will transform this rich database of content in the coming months into a Podcast. I think this content in the Podcast format would serve the business community, the university students and alumni well.