Kicking Off InfoPresse Magazine Internet Day

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I just got confirmed to give the opening keynote at the InfoPresse Magazine Internet Day here in Montreal on Wednesday, March 15th at the Centre Mont-Royal.
The InfoPresse Internet Day will also feature the main keynote from Cory Treffiletti of MediaPost‘s Online Spin. Cory is also SVP, Engagement Architect at Carat Fusion.
It looks like a great line-up. Also featured will be a panel discussion in French with Louis Gagnon from and Guillaume Brunet from TD Meloche Monnex.
Here is a summary of my presentation:
Six Pixels of Separation – The New World Of The Internet
Six degrees of separation has become six pixels of separation. The Internet is proving that it’s a small world after all, and if you aren’t participating in this online meet and greet, you could be losing out. People are no longer waiting for your content online… they’re creating it and either extolling the virtues of specific brands or raking them through the mud. This can pose serious issues for product development, Human Resource departments, corporate legal teams and businesses in general. It is imperative that businesses become a part of this dialog with their consumers. Unravel the compelling world of Listenomics, Brand Democratization and Instant Personal Broadcasting. If mediums like blogging, narrowcasting, podcasting, location-based services, viral marketing, search engines and social networking are on not your radar, you will not want to miss this. The Internet is changing marketing forever and these mediums are creating ultimate loyalty and a true online marketing universe where the results are staggering and the brand lift is off the charts.
You can find our more information and register for the event here: InfoPresse Internet Day.