Kevin Roberts Lovemarks And Remarks

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As I explained in an earlier post, I stumbled my way through an introduction with Kevin Roberts (author of Lovemarks and CEO Worldwide of Saatchi + Saatchi) after his presentation. I figured I better try to make a better impression so I shot him an email through his website at 11:00 am on Tuesday.
Lo and behold, at 6:30 pm I received a fax (yes… a fax). It was a printout of my email with a handwritten note from Kevin Roberts that read: “Mitch, great to meet you as well. I saw your enthusiasm as I presented. Thanks for the Lovemarks support and for sharing the dream.”
What a memorable response. One, it was super-fast (especially considering how busy he is). Two, I thought it was strange that the website forced me to leave a fax number (now I know why). Three, it was a handwritten note. And four, it was different.
And point four is the reason I’m Blogging about it. I’ve received many responses from speakers, authors and business leaders, but this one really impressed me. It was a mixture of personal (by seeing his handwriting on my email printed out) and unique (I mean do people still use faxes… for this?).
If every interaction is a selling opportunity, Kevin Roberts has got lifelong loyalty from me.