Joseph Jaffe, Kevin Roberts, Max Lenderman And Other Reasons You Need To Be In Montreal

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The CMA – Canadian Marketing AssociationNational Conference And Trade Show, titled: Next, hits Montreal next Monday, May 15th – Wednesday, May 17th at the Palais des Congres.
This is “the” marketing conference and it’s taking place in my fair city (too perfect).
Along with speaking at two sessions – Marketing for Entrepreneurs & Small Business and The Brand is Flat: How Brand Democratization is Going To Change Your Business For the Better – I have to come clean (as I always do) and let you know that I was also very fortunate to be on the organizing committee for this conference. It should also be noted that there was no nepotism in terms of my presentations being selected. I was not invited (or involved) when the decisions were made on my presentation pitches.
OK, enough of the legal disclaimers. Get your butt to Montreal. There are a bunch of killer keynotes and they include some of my favorite marketers, including: Joseph Jaffe, Kevin Roberts and Max Lenderman.
You have two more business days to get your tickets.
Get them here: CMA – Canadian Marketing Association – National Conference And Trade Show: Next.
If you’re coming to town, be sure to drop me a line. We’ll meet up.