Joseph Jaffe, C.C. Chapman, Shel Holtz And Neville Hobson = New Marketing New Co.

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While I found out about the new company being put together by Joseph Jaffe, C.C. Chapman, Shel Holtz And Neville Hobson at the end of last week, and Joseph Jaffe and I discussed it briefly on the last episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #22, I just wanted to pop a post in to let you know what I think about this new venture.
I love it.
While I can certainly live without all the clandestine activity and teasers (I guess it’s hard to build buzz in a social media world where we all expect to be co-developers – even at this primordial stage), I am thrilled to see, hear and read about a new marketing company that is going to help organizations understand and execute on this space.
This may sound strange coming from me. The vision for Twist Image was, is and will continue to be about helping bridge the present to the future for our clients and their customers. A way’s back (say 2001), we made a serious decision to have strategy, design, content, technology and the marketing component all housed in one space. To build a team of marketing practitioners that work together – as a team – regardless of where they sit on the IT or marketing fence.
With Joseph Jaffe, C.C. Chapman, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson working together, I’m looking forward to having another highly-visible organization out there practicing what they preach. Jaffe and I have already had early-discussions about partnering with Twist Image on their new initiative.
And that’s the true spirit of this post. We (myself and the rest of the Twist Image team) don’t see this new marketing New Co. as competition. We live in a world of co-opertition. There is plenty of room for all us… and all of us can work together to make more room.
Way to go guys.
Let’s raise a glass tomorrow in Toronto to celebrate.

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  1. Like you, I can do without the teasing and slow roll-out of this thing. I’m hopeful that the wait will be worth it. But I do take exception to the idea that these guys are breaking new ground. Lots of individuals and firms (like yours and mine) have been consulting and executing social media programs for clients for a while now.
    It’s cool that four big names have banded together, but it’s the clients that make an agency (virtual or otherwise)…I’ve got my fingers crossed that these guys are launching with one or two blue-chip clients that will blow us all away.

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