Join Me At Search Engine Strategies Toronto

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I have just been confirmed to speak at Search Engines Strategies which is taking place May 4 – 5 in Toronto, Ontario. The conference, put on by Jupiter Media and hosted by is considered the premiere Search Engine conference in the world.
I was asked to speak on the first day at the Balancing Paid & Organic Listings panel. So far I have been confirmed along with Greg Jarboe, President and Co-Founder of SEO-PR. The conference website describes the Balancing Paid & Organic Listings session as:
“If you get plenty of ‘free’ listings, there’s no need to go the paid route, right? Wrong – what happens if a change in how search engines rank pages leaves you out of the top results? Well, if you buy your way in, there’s no need to worry about the free results. Wrong again. Why not gain free traffic if you’re relevant? This session explores issues like these and how to get the balance right between free and paid campaigns.”
I will be covering lots of tools and tactics that revolve around design, content, technology and how the Search Engines can be used to up your traffic and conversion.
For registration information, you can visit the Search Engine Strategies site here.