IT Conversations Gives Us More Malcolm Gladwell

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Earlier this week, I got my weekly email update from IT Conversations. IT Conversations is the online resources for the best in Podcasts and audio presentations for tech, marketing and business news geeks like me.
I also Blogged last week about Tipping Point and Blink author, Malcolm Gladwell, and his foray into the world of BlogsMalcolm Gladwell Starts To Blog – We’ve Hit The Tipping Point.
In celebration of Gladwell, IT Conversations has re-posted Malcolm Gladwell and his presentation at Pop!Tech 2004 (which, according to IT Conversations, has been downloaded about 100,000 times). The presentation is called, Human Nature.
You can check it out here: Malcolm Gladwell – Pop!Tech 2004 Presentation.
You can also read his Blog here: Malcolm Gladwell Blog.
I find it cool that the non-fiction or business book publishing world has someone as unique as Gladwell floating around and being an ambassador for learning more and thinking differently.