Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Shine And Innovation?

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There’s gold in them there hills…

In another time, people put their lives at risk to head out to the wild west. The risk? The reward? Gold! Opportunity… a new life… the richness. Sounded so exciting. For the past few decades a similar gold rush has been taking place out west in Silicon Valley. All you need is MacBook, a Moleskine, an idea and a rented garage, and you could be the next GoogleFacebook… whatever. Valuations on tech companies created both public market bubbles, and a flood of cash to the small, few who were brave enough to code and build a business. Still, to this day, many people dream of building (or working for) one of these unicorns (a company with a valuation north of a billion dollars). Many have tried to capture this experience on film. Many have failed. 

The Down Round.

TechCrunch recently published this short documentary called, The Down Round. It’s six episodes and clocks in at under hour. From their website: 

“Silicon Valley is like no other place in the world right now. The Bay Area has been booming with ideas and innovation for the past decade. But in 2016, the IPO market wilted and unicorns suddenly had to prove their worth. Startups that had raised hundreds of millions of dollars began shuttering and investors are nervous. In ‘The Down Round’ series, we talked to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists about what happened and what’s next for startups, real estate and Silicon Valley as a whole.”

TL;DR: There is lot of problems brewing out West. Please watch and share this series… The Down Round – TechCrunch.