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After this morning’s post, 500,000 iPhone Consumers Can’t Be Wrong, I found myself wandering the streets of beautiful Montreal really wondering when the Apple iPhone will make its Canadian debut.
Then I saw this Blog posting from Jason Calacanis: iPhone vs. Blackberry review (after four hours).
Then, this one from David Winer at Scripting News: Why I Love The iPhone.
Now, I really want one after reading all of that love.
The other week I was at the Retail Council of Canada‘s national conference, Store 2007, and met Jim Balsillie – the co-CEO of RIM (BlackBerry). I was happy to note that he (like me) was sporting the BlackBerry 8800. I could not imagine how I would have felt knowing that he had some next generation device BlackBerry that I could not buy.
That feeling of satisfaction is all but gone now after seeing the iPhone in video action and scanning people’s thoughts in the Blogosphere.
Good on Apple for delivering a product that really has – even the most skeptical – people talking.


  1. Hey Mitch,
    I’m still not sure what I think of the iPhone. I have been reading the same things that you have, and I really want to like (and at some point) buy an iPhone. However, I find my self remembering when the PSP came out.
    There were SOOO many people (many of whom were gamer bloggers who I really looked to for guidance on what games to buy) talking about how it was the best thing ever. I clearly remember MANY people comparing it to the Nintendo DS and saying that the PSP blew the DS out of the water 10 times over.
    Now, after some time has passed and the “new” factor has worn off the DS continues to do well, and the PSP does poorly.
    The DS is a solid little portable gaming thing with TONS of cool games. It is also not that much money.
    The PSP on the other hand is very breakable, does not have lots of games, and it costs more than the DS.
    I’m not saying the iPhone is bad or anything like that. I’m just saying that I think that MAYBE the hype could die down given some time.
    Before I invest several stacks of money into a phone I want to make sure that it is good, not just the cool new thing / geek status symbol.
    Know what I’m saying?
    Take care.

  2. I too am BlackBerry lover but ‘desperately seeking iPhone’. I find myself wandering the halls at work, ears perked for a hint of when the handset will hit Canada. (All signs point to December but no confirmation yet).
    Not sure if you saw these two videos making the rounds.
    Firstly, here’s an entertaining and suprisingly impartial video review/short film from the NY times’ David Pogue:

    And in true new media fashion Marco Tempest – the Virtual Magician has created some iPhone specific tricks:

    I’m not sure how he did this. Record turn around time though – it looks like it was filmed just after he picked up his iPhone.

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