iPerceptions Offering Up A Free Webinar On Using Customer Feedback To Increase Online Satisfaction Scores

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Full disclosure: iPerceptions is a client of Twist Image and this is a shameless plug for their upcoming American Marketing Association free webinar (which Twist Image has nothing to do with – other than being excited to attend) titled, The Holy Grail of Web Analytics: Using Customer Feedback to Increase Online Satisfaction Scores, which takes place on Thursday, April 12th, 2007 at 1:00 pm (EST).
Here’s how the website describes the iPerceptions webinar:
“If you had to choose but one analytics tool, what would that be?
Industry thought leader Avinash Kaushik, whose new book ‘Web Analytics: An Hour a Day‘ will be available this May, says if he were marooned on a desert island and had to choose only one tool he would choose – ‘Customer feedback and satisfaction scores.’
Join us for an informative and hands-on lesson in how to use customer feedback and satisfaction scores to:
– Enhance your customer’s overall website experience
– Increase purchase intent and customer loyalty
– Increase the likelihood customers will refer friends and associates to your site.”
A couple of thoughts on web analytics (and I would love for my Future Now friend, Bryan Eisenberg, to add some colour) and why Marketers need to be paying attention. When we hear the term “web analytics” or “customer satisfaction”, we tend to get scared off. It sounds techy, complicated, and if we open that can of worms, it becomes a never-ending web development game of trying to stay ahead of the curve to improve conversion rates by percentages as web budgets become an ongoing cost. Don’t fall into this bucket.
Marketers need to be paying attention to way more than just web stats (which, I know, can be intimidating enough). iPerceptions (and this is not a commercial for iPerceptions) and other web analytic vendors help Marketers understand “why” people are doing what they do online. It’s a huge paradigm shift and one that is much more important than your standard web stats.
There’s that old saying, “nobody wants to hear that their baby is ugly.” Marketers need thicker skin. If you’re reading this Blog, you’re interested in social media, brand democratization and community building. Web analytics could well be the “Holy Grail” if you’re willing to integrate that kind of candor into your consumer’s insights. Imagine not just joining the conversation, but better understanding how you can improve your online efforts by truly listening to your consumers as well.
It’s something I still need to wrap my head around, so I’ll be attending (and taking notes).
Sign up here: The Holy Grail of Web Analytics: Using Customer Feedback to Increase Online Satisfaction Scores.