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Skimming through the latest issue of Wired Magazine (June 2008), there’s a small feature on Brian Eno called, The Eno Evolution. Since this is the fifteenth year anniversary issue, Wired (who describes Eno as the "proto-typical Renaissance 2.0 artist") asked him three questions about how far we’ve come. One question (and answer) really hit home for all of us looking at Social Media, Web 2.0 and how this all connects:

The question was: What effect has Internet technology and culture had on art?

"Ideas are put out much earlier and less completely formed, so others can then finish them in their own ways. I think this makes culture a broader conversation, a host of untraceable contributions knitting together to produce new things. And it’s almost impossible to know which grain of sand is going to start an avalanche."

Eno recently co-produced Coldplay‘s latest, Viva La Vida, composed the score for the upcoming game, Spore, and is still making music with the likes of U2 and David Byrne.

After reading what Eno said, it’s no wonder that all of us in Marketing are trying to figure out the differences between the grains of sands and the avalanches.

Enjoy your weekend as you marinate on his thoughts.

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  1. marketing assumes one can influence reality, and eno is suggesting one cannot
    true value is found in revelation, not is manipulation
    so if one wishes to continue in the field of marketing, one has to place oneself on the side of the customer, not your client
    is you mind big enough to do that?

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