Interactive To The Max 2.0 And The 2005 Digital Marketing Awards

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Yesterday was a big day in Toronto. Unfortunately, I had to stay in Montreal and could not attend the Interactive To Max 2.0 “The Big Day” which was followed by the 2005 Digital Marketing Awards.
There is a link to find out who all of the winners were at the 2005 Digital Marketing Awards here: 2005 Digital Marketing Award Winners.
Interactive To The Max 2.0 “The Big Day” was put on by IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau – and the 2005 Digital Marketing Awards are sponsored by Marketing Magazine.
According to first-hand accounts, The Big Day was quite successful as close to 500 people filled a sold-out Imax theater that included a set-up incident featuring Paul Lavoie, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Taxi and a woman (who turned out to be playing a role and is actually an employee of the ad agency). I guess a little drama in a presentation can make it memorable.
Other keynotes included Geoff Ramsey, CEO and Lee Newman, Group Account Director/SVP of McKinney (U.S.) who is most known for the Audi Art of the Heist where the immersive environment took and online experience offline and beyond.
Next year I won’t miss it (especially the after-party following the Digital Marketing Awards).