Insane Ambition

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How often do you feel lazy about your professional development?

There are some moments when you’re probably highly motivated and others when you struggle. It’s like that one time that you decide to ditch the gym and simply can’t find the momentum to get back at it. You’ll blame everything from the kids to busy being busy at work, but deep down you know that you’re simply not motivated to do it. I was listening to an interview with Jerry Seinfeld. He was discussing a conversation he had with Sarah Silverman that never made it to their episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, in which Silverman was saying that often friends would come up to her and say, "I’m thinking of writing a book…" and before they could finish their sentence, Silverman would shoot back, "it’s never going to happen!"  It’s funny enough, but with all comedy comes truth. If you’re going to write a book, you’re going to write a book. We bog our lives down with lists of things we would like to do, but rarely take even the preliminary steps to accomplish our goals. Perhaps, this is why we admire people like Steve Jobs so much.

Finding ambition.

Whenever there is a task in front of me that seems insurmountable or a goal that I’m shying away from, I’ll defer to the following BBC documentary on Steve Jobs titled, Billion Dollar Hippy. You don’t have to love Apple (or Steve Jobs) to be able to appreciate his tenacity, focus and ambition…