InfoPresse Concourse Crea 2006 – One Mighty Big Night

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I had lunch yesterday with some of the people over at InfoPresse. They reminded me that their first ever Concours Crea 2006 was being held at Palais Des Congres. The InfoPresse Crea Awards were created to celebrate excellence in advertising in Quebec. Crea 2006 was the first time this event was being held. They were kind enough to invite me to come down and check it out.
What a wild night it was. Over 1500 people jammed into the Palais and it was a spectacular production.
There were two ad campaigns from Quebec that really struck a chord with me over the past year.
My favorite, without a doubt, is “Un c’est pas assez” (one is not enough) for Federation des producteurs de lait du Quebec (the Federation of Quebec Milk Producers). The ad campaign was created by BBDO Montreal. It’s a beauty. This milk ad campaign took home the Grand Crea 2006 (the overall grand prize) along with many other awards last night.
The other campaign I really enjoy was Forest, Canyon (Forest, Canyon) for DaimlerChrysler Canada – Jeep. This campaign was also realized by BBDO Montreal. I just find it liberating to see an ad for a car company that does not have a car in it. I’m also a big fan of the artistic execution on this one. Very sharp.
The after-award party that InfoPresse threw was off the charts. The guys from Moment Factory put together an amazing visual environment. There were DJs, live bands and the drinks were flowing.
One aspect that was missing from InfoPresse Crea 2006: no interactive awards. I’m well aware that InfoPresse also holds the Boomerang Awards to celebrate the interactive space at another time during the year, but I think it’s really important to include interactive as another channel of advertising distribution. In future Crea events, all that needs to be done is the addition of one more Grand Prix award called the Boomerang. During the announcement of the award winner, InfoPresse can let people know the date of the next Boomerang Awards Gala.
You can view the winners of last night’s award show here: InfoPresse Concours Crea 2006. Click on the link that says: “Pour consulter le palmarès complet de l’édition 2006, cliquez ici.”
Special thanks to Thomas from InfoPresse.