InfoPresse Boomerang Awards 2006 – It's A Circus

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I just got back from InfoPresse Magazine’s 2006 edition of the Boomerang Awards. The Boomerang Awards are the Academy Awards for the Quebec interactive marketing industry. And, the industry is doing quite well (thank you for asking) based on the nearly one thousand people who showed up at Tohu – which is part of the Cirque Du Soleil campus in the North East end of Montreal.
Today got off to a rocky start for the Boomerang Awards as word started to spread last night after the YULBlog event that InfoPresse had mistakenly posted the winners last night. Some people had caught wind, grabbed screenshots and posted them to flickr. Welcome to the new world where tiny QA mistakes have huge ramifications.
Even with the leak, the awards went off without a hitch. The usual pre-ceremony cocktail was a major schmooze fest, the awards were quick and fun and the after party… well, let’s just say that I left a small Twist Image contingent there (and my guess is it’s still all going down). Plus the woman who performed the acrobatics routine was unbelievable.
A special congrats to the entire InfoPresse team. I’ve been to many different award ceremonies in my life, and these are always astonishing. The team at Moment Factory creates magical events.
Two things I would like to see in upcoming editions of the Boomerang Awards:
1. Some media people on the jury. While creative is tantamount to success, I do believe that results matter. The Web is such a powerful marketing tool because of our ability to measure, learn and improve.
2. A social media award. Quebec has its share of Blogs, Podcasts and other programs that are leveraging similar social media channels. I think those individuals or businesses that are making strides in the space should be recognized and acknowledged.
You can see who won what over here: InfoPresse Magazine Boomerang Awards 2006.
A Blog was also set-up: Boomblogue.