In Conversation With PR Blogger, Author And Practitioner Geoff Livingston

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As mentioned previously, the Six Pixels of Separation and Media Hacks audio Podcast will no longer be listed in this Blog feed. If you want all of that audio goodness, it will only show up in the Podcast feed.

The latest episode of Six Pixels of Separation was just posted. It is episode #164 and features a great in-person conversation with Geoff Livingston. Geoff is a PR guy who gets around (in the best way possible). He has a highly trafficked Blog, The Buzz Bin, is the owner of his own PR agency (which was acquired by CRT/Tanaka) and the author of the must-have book on new media and Public Relations, Now Is Gone. He was in Montreal today, so we sat down, grabbed a coffee and here is the result.

You can grab it here (or feel free to subscribe via iTunes): Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast #164 – Buzzing With Geoff Livingston.