iMedia Connection Article – New Era Survival Guide For Ad Agencies

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I guess it just seems obvious to me. Clearly, I am in the minority.
iMedia Connection posted an article yesterday titled, New Era Survival Guide For Ad Agencies by Christopher Montgomery. The article attempts to provide ad agencies with a “detailed blueprint for survival amidst chaos in the business.”
I really enjoyed this read on many levels. One, I always love it when someone turns on a light and you really get to see all of the cockroaches run for their lives. Two, how many companies can truly go from Good To Great? How many companies can actually become Fast Company?
Montgomery breaks it down to these core challenges:
1. Client Service.
2. Talent Management.
3. Financial Management.
It may not seem like New Era Survival Guide For Ad Agencies is uncovering any Holy Grails but how many agencies can claim to have delivered on this:
“Agencies must develop a full spectrum of multi-media solutions based on client needs. Account directors will be required to masterfully develop advertising strategies that bundle print and TV ads with digital media and integrated marketing solutions. By broadening their service portfolios, agencies can establish themselves as ‘one stop shops’ for clients.”
I think I just found my definition for “Multimarketing.”
Thanks iMedia Connection.
You can read the full article here: iMedia Connection – New Era Survival Guide For Ad Agencies.