If You're In Business, You Need To Watch This CrossFit Documentary

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Surfing across Apple TV, I came across something that you should watch this weekend.

Let me take a step back. Around 2000, I had heard about this crazy website, where a well-respected trainer was trying to completely disrupt the fitness space. It was called CrossFit. Every day, they would post on a blog a workout of the day. At first, it was criticized and ridiculed by many pundits in the industry. Any serious trainer would use more professional gear and would never post this type of proprietary system online for free. A lot of the gear was stuff that you might have lying around in your garage. What were they thinking?

Have you check out the business of CrossFit lately?

People are quick to point to Apple and Amazon as these untouchable beacons of corporate perfection, but spend some time looking at CrossFit. From how they disrupted the industry to how they communicate and connect with consumers. It is a master class in understanding the powerful connection between business success and marketing. My dear friend, Jeffrey Hayzlett, has a great television show on Bloomberg called, C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett, where he create mini-documentaries on interesting companies and speaks to the owners, customers and employees to see what makes them tick. This episode isn’t a new one . It just happens to be 30 minute business documentary that I watched with amazement the other night and it’s something that you should watch and share as well.

It is inspiring. My hope is that it inspires you as well…