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Things are changing.

We are going to have to change.
I am going to have to change.
It’s not the pandemic.
Things are always changing.
We just want to believe that we’re controlling things.
Then outside forces have their way.

I am a speaker.


No I am not a speaker.

I help leaders decode the future.

Sometimes that happens on a stage at a conference.
Sometimes that happens here in the words.
Sometimes that happens on the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast.
Sometimes that happens during my media appearances.
Sometimes that happens in a book.
Sometimes that happens in an article for another publication.
Sometimes that happens on social media.
Sometimes that happens when I am investing in a company or fund.
Sometimes that happens when I am advising a startup.
Sometimes that happens when I am advising a larger corporation.
Sometimes that happens when I help community organizations.
Sometimes that happens when I help out a family member or friend.

I decode the future.

If the stage goes away, the platform remains.

This is not the new normal.

This is the new narrative.

For me.
For you.
For all of us.

Why we are is not how we do it.
Don’t confuse the two.

They are different.

I recently had an in-depth conversation with one of my favorite people, Jenny Blake, on her show: Pivot Podcast.

We don’t know how our work impacts others. Sometimes, it changes people. Here’s what Jenny posted:

Seth Godin recently described Mitch Joel (in celebration of his 700th episode) as ‘in the pantheon, one of the greats.’ I couldn’t agree more.

Mitch is a well-respected friend and colleague to so many of us in the business, writing, and speaking communities. He sees trends and platforms coming long before they hit mainstream, and his output, ideas, and incisive interviewing style consistently leaves me with inspiration and new information.

He was gracious to have me on his Six Pixels of Separation Podcast when Pivot launched, and the conversation (among dozens and dozens) left such a mark on me that I quoted him in the afterword for the paperback edition of Pivot in 2017 the following year. Here’s an excerpt:

‘My guiding principle now is faith in flow, a reminder that helps me trust the natural cycles of tension and release, hustle and flow, grit and grace. I listen for what’s next, but try not to rush the answer.

If the Plant stage involves putting a pin in one’s desired destination a year from now, entering my post-pivot rest mode was like hitting the ‘current location’ button in a maps app—it spun me back and helped me zoom in on where I was right now, not someplace off in the future where I should be.

In the words of my friend and fellow author Mitch Joel, instead of only focusing on what’s next, we’d do well to reflect on the equally important question: what’s now?’ — Pivot – The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One.”

In this conversation, Jenny guided and we jammed on ideas, systems, credibility and connections. All critical aspects of what the new narrative must be.

Listen in… jump in…

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