IAB Canada Announces New Leadership – I'm On Board… Literally

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IAB Canada (Interactive Advertising Bureau) announced today their new leadership and part of their mandate for the coming year. I am very honored to be a part of this group. I have copy and pasted the press release here for those interested:
IAB Enhances Board, Cements Interactive Leadership
TORONTO, ON, Feb 21, 2005 – Paula Gignac, Executive Director of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB) is pleased to announce the election of the following individuals to the IAB National Executive Committee:
– Brent Lowe-Bernie, comScore Media Metrix: Chairman
– Jose Leal, Canoe: Vice-Chairman
– Jonathan Lister, AOL: VP Publisher Council
– Chris Williams, Media Contacts: VP Agency Council
– Sarah Jue, RBC Financial: VP Advertiser Council
– Theresa McVean, Globe and Mail: Secretary
– Martin Lundie, Ernst & Young: Treasurer
– Samuel Parent, Titan Interactif: PQ Regional Director
The following have been elected as National Board of Directors of IAB Canada:
– Jay Aber, 24/7
– Sunni Boot, Zenith Optimedia
– Frank Duyvelshoff, Corus
– Brian Fitzpatrick, Mindshare Direct
– Maura Hanley, MBS
– Dawna Henderson, Henderson bas
– Simon Jennings, Yahoo.ca
– Patrick Lauzon, SympaticoMSN
– Robert Levy, Brandspark
– Parth Shukla, Bell Canada
– Peter Vaz, M2 Universal
“The IAB-Board nominating committee has built an extremely qualified group of individuals that can bring forward and speak to the critical issues facing the industry over the coming years,” says Gignac. “The fact that we are able attract well-known professionals, such as recent additions Sunni Boot and Brian Fitzpatrick – with over 50 years of marketing and advertising experience between them – speaks volumes to both the authority and energy that the IAB is bringing to the marketing industry at this time.”
“Our clients’ investment in all forms of interactive media is increasing exponentially,” says Sunni Boot, President/CEO of Zenith Optimedia. “Because of the leadership the IAB provides with respect to policy and procedure development for this dynamic medium – in terms of everything from standardization of ad units, to education, tracking, and category ad spend – we are able to invest with continued confidence. And, because of the tripartite nature of the organization, we’re ensured that “buyers” needs are included in the development of all of the above.”
Brian Fitzpatrick, Managing Partner and Director of MindShare Direct and a recently elected IAB Board member, echoes the enthusiasm: “The Web as a marketing/communication tool in Canada is finally turning a corner,” says Fitzpatrick. “It’s a tremendously exciting time to be part of the growth and evolution of this medium.”
In addition to strengthening the national Board, the following individuals were elected to the PQ Regional Executive Committee:
– Samuel Parent, Titan Interactif: PQ Reg. Director
– Nathalie Boucher, SympaticoMSN: PQ Chairman
– Mitch Joel, Twist Image: PQ Vice-Chairman
– Patrick Tapp, Canoe-Netgraphe: PQ VP Publisher Council
– Sebastien David, Cossette: PQ VP Agency Council
The PQ Regional Board of Directors consists of:
– Pier-Carlo Bruchési, Bruchési.com
– Benoit Chiasson, Cyberpresse
– Francois Poulin, 2B
– Daniel Robichaud, Corus
– John Sclapari, 24/7
– Steven St-Pierre, Carat Interactif
“The nomination of a first official Quebec Board obligates us to do more,” says Quebec Regional Director Samuel Parent. “This group of senior industry specialists on both agency and media sites has the responsibility not only to reflect any differences Quebec may represent at the national level, but also to create new and adaptable projects regionally.”
“In summary, the IAB Board is an incredibly connected, knowledgeable and proactive group of individuals,” says Brent Lowe-Bernie, returning Chairman. “But, with the addition of a full Quebec roster and two more senior and respected agency directors, we are now even stronger as an organization. The IAB has made a number of major steps forward to help all sectors of the marketing industry use our medium effectively. We are committed to providing tremendous value to our members. We have a full agenda for 2005, including the development of Rich Media standards, Ad Measurement Guidelines and two revenue surveys. When all of this is coupled with our commitment to continue innovative cross-media research under the CMOST brand, we see 2005 as a watershed year for this marketing channel.”
For more information contact:
Paula Gignac
Executive Director, IAB Canada
The IAB Canada is the national voice of the Canadian Interactive marketing and advertising industry, and is a not-for-profit association representing a membership composed of publishers, agencies, advertisers and interactive service associates.