IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau Social Media Marketing Seminar – It's Almost Last Call

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I was giving the keynote today for The Advertising Club of Toronto‘s Internet Day at the Sheraton Hotel on Queen in Toronto, Ontario. The good news is that there was a sold-out crowd of almost six hundred Advertising and Marketing Professionals. Our industry is healthy, vibrant and uber-active. I’m still juiced from the energy and passion.
I was also overwhelmed by how many people let me know how much they are looking forward to my upcoming full-day seminar presented by IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau – called, Social Media And Web 2.0 Marketing. One company said they were sending their full fifteen-person-plus online marketing department.
It reminded me that I should post here that we’re getting close to “last call” and that there are a few spots left (but, seriously, not many – and I’m not using any scarcity marketing tactics here).
The dates are as follows: Montreal (June 11th, 2007) Toronto (June 13th, 2007), Vancouver (June 20th, 2007) and Halifax (June 27th, 2007) and the cost is $400 for IAB Canada members and $500 for non-members.
Here’s how IAB Canada describes the seminar:
“The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada’s new intensive, one-day course in Social Media Marketing, is a full 8-hours long, and is designed to simplify and demonstrate the many new channels of marketing, advertising and communication that make up the Social Media and Web 2.0 space.
Attendees will learn about Online Social Networks, RSS, Tags, Consumer Generated Content, Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis and Virtual Worlds – and more importantly, how to leverage these marketing channels for optimal results.”
You can view the full course outline here: IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau – Social Media And Web 2.0 Marketing Seminar – Course Outline.
I just transitioned my content over to the IAB Canada PowerPoint template and have sent it over to IAB Canada for approval and to be printed. Again, I’m not pushing anybody to do anything, but I am very proud of this seminar. It was culled from my many presentations and seminars with tons of examples that I never get to share in forty-five minute keynote presentations. I’m really looking forward to getting interactive and demonstrating everything from how to create tags, start a Blog and Podcast to playing around in Second Life and, most importantly, what Marketers are doing in these channels and where the “wins” are.
I’m happy there’s some buzz on this seminar. I pay attention to the space and I know that there are not that many opportunities to take one day, as a Marketer, and learn the many channels and tactics that have developed in Social Media and Web 2.0.
You can register for this seminar in your city here: IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau – Social Media And Web 2.0 Marketing Seminar – Registration.
Feel free to drop me a line if you would like to meet-up for drinks or dinner the night before. We can, certainly, Geek Out (just a little).