IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau – Brings A Full-Day Social Media Marketing Seminar To A Canadian City Near You

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A while back I agreed to join the national Board of Directors for IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau – and part of my passion (and mandate) was to create streams of opportunities for Marketing Professionals (and people looking to join our industry) to become better informed about the digital marketing space. The other side was to bring my knowledge of social media and Web 2.0 (or call it, conversational marketing) to the industry.
Our first initiative has been announced, and I am knee-deep in building the curriculum for a newly-created intensive, one-day course in Social Media Marketing that is presented by IAB Canada and produced/instructed by yours truly.
The core content will explore the digital marketing opportunities surrounding online social networks, consumer generated content, tagging, RSS, Blogs, Podcasts, Virtual Worlds and Wikis. There will discussion and demonstration about how marketers are advertising within these channels, but – more importantly – the day will revolve around what these channels are, how they came to be, how Marketers can get involved and what the opportunities are.
There will be case studies on Marketers who’ve done some amazing (and awful) stuff, along with open discussions about future (re: untapped and existing) opportunities in social media for Marketers.
I will be hitting Montreal (June 11th, 2007) Toronto (June 13th, 2007), Vancouver (June 20th, 2007) and Halifax (June 27th, 2007). As it looks now, I am flying into most cities the night before, so if anyone would like to organize a Geek Dinner (or even Geek Drinks), it could be fun.
The cost for this IAB Canada Social Media Marketing full-day seminar is $400 for IAB Members (and $500 for non-members).
Tickets will be available soon, so keep checking out the IAB Canada website for details (I’ll post here or on Twitter when it’s up, live and official).
I hope to see you there. Check here for more details: IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau Website.

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