Humans First. Technology Second.

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It seems simple enough. Let’s put each other first, before the technology.

What is simple is not often what we – as humans – do. Think about it this way: what is the first thing that you touch right after you wake up? What is the last thing that you touch right before bed at night? If you are living with someone, is it your smartphone or your (smart) partner? The data doesn’t lie. It’s the tech, silly. Call it a sad state of affairs. We often forget, that in the deluge of technology we may be losing some form of human face, connection… reality. Kids toys now have iPad holders. Kids don’t sit and eat dinner in the restaurant with adults, unless they can fidget with a device. Not all? Some? Most? It is a deeply philosophical debate… but a powerful one. Often the adults are no better than the children. It is a debate that some very big brains took on last month at the Global Peter Drucker Forum, and this is a fascinating look into internet culture, society, media and humanities. The debate, conversation and deep-dive involves Andrew Hill (Editor of the Financial Times), John Hagel (Director of Deloitte‘s Center for the Edge), Charles Handley (social philosopher and writer) and Sherry Turkle (professor of social studies at MIT and author of Alone Together, Reclaiming Conversation and more). The positions, questions, answers and discussion provides a ton of great quotes, insights and something for all of us to think much more about.  

Here is something for every business professional to watch: Global Peter Drucker Forum – Humans First – Technology Second