How To Generate A Lot Of Creative Ideas Quickly.

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**How often do you watch something twice that you have seen online?**
It doesn’t happen often for me. In fact, I often have a hard time finishing a video on [YouTube]( “YouTube”) that I’m interested in, because there’s something on the right-hand side – in the recommended viewing column – that grabs my attention like some kind of shiny, bright object (and yes, on YouTube, I can be quite the squirrel). Someone on [Facebook]( “Facebook”) posted a link to this little piece of glory just today. The online learning platform, [Lynda]( “Lynda”), has issued a design challenge. They’re asking a bunch of designers to take on a logo design challenge. [Aaron Draplin]( “Aaron Draplin”) from [Draplin Design Co.]( “Draplin Design Co”) (and the guy behind [Field Notes]( “Field Notes”) – which I love) took a stab at it. [In this video](, he walks us through his blue-collar creative process, and it is a sight to behold. It doesn’t look like Draplin ever gets blocked, and you will see – from this video – how he creates a myriad of directions from simply pushing ideas out on paper in a fast and driven way (before heading to the computer).
**This is [a true sight to behold](…**