How To Do The Nearly Impossible

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We live in very different times.

It’s hard to imagine that we live in a day and age when individuals – from a very young age – can start a business, build something formidable and – literally – change the world. We can say, "harrumph" at that, but it’s huge. The coolest part? It’s not just software any more. Thanks to technology and even things like 3D printers and the lowering cost of building a prototype, nearly anyone can build not just the next Twitter but the next.. whatever. As many people have said before me, we’re moving from bytes to atoms. Quickly. There’s this interesting conference that takes in New York and San Francisco, and it’s called Nearly Impossible. It’s an event for companies that make physical products. At their most recent event, they had Seth Godin deliver a keynote presentation. As usual, Seth is amazing. You may know him as the author of bestselling business books like Purple Cow, Linchpin, Permission Marketing, The Dip, Tribes, and countless others (close to twenty, actually). You may know him as the founder of Squidoo or HugDug or as one of the best professional speakers in the business, but you’ve probably never seen him like this. In this presentation, Seth talks about how to do the impossible and how to get people to go along for the ride.

If you’re in marketing, you really need to watch this – Seth Godin – Nearly Impossible 2013:

Seth Godin | Nearly Impossible 2013 from Nearly Impossible on Vimeo.