How To Blitzscale Your Business

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“Blitzscaling”… that’s what LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman, wants all businesses to do.

He believes in this model so much, that he is teaching a class at Stanford University out of the engineering department titled, Technology-enabled Blitzscaling. Reid, who is now with Greylock Partners (he’s also a big investor in companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb and many others) is not only teaching the course, but this “blitzscaling” ideology will be the core of his next book. Here’s how he describes it:

“It’s not about being the first mover to market, but first mover at scale. Because we live in a network age, everything is accelerated and companies need to quickly grow to beat out the global competition. This is what I call blitzscaling.”

The course is currently underway and they are posting some of the classes online at YouTube. Today, they published Class #8, which features an in-depth conversation between Reid and Google/Alphabet Chairman, Eric Schmidt. You will want to have a notebook handy, as this is a very candid and honest conversation. It’s definitely not the typical content that you hear in the media from either of these two business leaders. In fact, I found myself completely transfixed by the candor and conversations. They are here, in this class, to help these future business leaders, and what they are saying is powerful.

Tons and tons of business lessons… and they are right here for the taking…